Conversational Prayer


By G. L. Graves

When people gather in Jesus' name in small groups or smaller groups there is an opportunity for intimacy.  Under Christ intimacy leads to transparency and transparency leads to purity and power.  In conversation there is a meeting of minds and a touching of hearts, which is very important.  In conversational prayer there is a molding of hearts together.  when people pray together interactively they see deeply into each other's hearts.  the Kingdom of god advances through heart connections.  As the Lord molds hearts together His followers become more and more open channels of blessing through which the love of God flows freely.

As you converse with God together please consider the following ideas:

  • Acknowledge God's Presence in the group.  Praise and adoration is always good to help focus the group on communicating with the Lord.
  • Pray Short prayers of one, two or three sentences.
  • Pray about one subject, idea or person at a time until everyone has shared as much and as often as prompted by the spirit on the subject.
  • Be reluctant to change the subject as you would in any conversation until everyone is finished with it.
  • Pray specifically and personally.  As you pray with God's love for a person in the room with you the bonds of love between you grow.
  • Times of silence can give the timid and the thoughtful time to contribute.
  • To Help a group become accustomed to conversational prayer it can be helpful to suggest sentence prayers for a few sessions as people learn.  

The more the conversation with God is passed around the group the deeper the intimacy grows.  In time a small group becomes totally unified and purely transparent.  Watch God's love flow freely, lives transform and answers to prayer abound.  "And the place where they prayed was shaken......"

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