Join us for a week of adventure in the great outdoors!  Make new friends to hang out with us all week as you explore God's Word, discover His exciting and wonderful plans for you, and make great memories that will last a lifetime!                                        


                                   Register by May 17

                                 Cost: $150



Youth Camp June 8-13 2015


                                                               (COMPLETED GRADES 7-12)

                                               June 8-13 2015


Join us for a week of adventure in the gread outdoors!  Make new friends to hang out with all week as you explore God's word, discover His exciting and wonderful plans for you and make great memories that will last a lifetime!


Children's Camp June 15-20 2015


                                                                      (COMPLETED GRADES 3-6)

                                                   June 15-20 2015


Go hiking, swimming, and try your hand at carpetball!  Exciting Bible study leaders will teach each day and you will hear from missionaries who have "been there, done that"!  Close out each day around the campfire singing songs and just having fun.


Why Church Camp?

When our Lord Jesus took time to go out to solitary places to pray, He was teaching His disciples that it is important to get away from the stresses of ordinary life and let God instruct and renew.

Across the years we have seen how God uses the camp experience, especially with children and teens.  Many folks experience as the time when they decided to follow Jesus in a lifetime of discipleship.

Camp is all about learning, growing, experiencing God in His great outdoors, making friends for a lifetime and just plain HAVING FUN!


cathedral pines

Who sponsors the camps?

These two weeks of camp are being sponsored by the Treasure Valley Association in partnership with our sister associations in Idaho.  Participation is open to all Southern Baptist Churches in Utah and Idaho.  We hope the central location makes it possible for every association to be represented in these two weeks of camp.  We are all enriched and strengthened by participation with one another.



Camp Code of Condct

I will respect the property of others.
I will not touch what does not belong to me, unless I have permission.
I will respect the camp facilities, trees and wildlife.
I will dispose of trash in designated trash bins only. I will pick up any litter I find and dispose of it
properly as well.
I will report all accidents, however minor, to the camp nurse.
I will keep my sleeping area neat and clean at all times.
I will be prompt and attend all scheduled camp activities.
I will obey directions of those responsible for my safety.
For my own safety, I will not go off by myself.
I will give all medications I may bring to camp to the camp nurse, who will dispense as directed.
I will not be party to any abusive behavior or bullying.
I will be truthful at all times.
I will not engage in any public display of affection or inappropriate behavior, to include
handholding, touching, kissing, language, etc.
I understand that those found in possession of illegal drugs, unauthorized medications,
weapons, fireworks of any kind, or alcohol will be sent home.
I will abide by the Dress Code.

Camp Dress Code




Parents and church leaders are urged to see that only clothing
meets the policies and regulations of the camp is brought to
Cathedral Pines. It is the responsibility of adult leaders from each
church to model the standard of modesty and enforce the camp dress code.


Campers MAY NOT wear:
-apparel that exposes the midriff or lower back
-apparel that is extremely tight fitting
-apparel that displays or promotes tobacco, alcohol, controlled
substances or inappropriate language/ pictures
-shorts that have less than a five inch inseam
-dresses and skirts that are more than four inches above the knee
-shirts/tops that are less than one inch across the shoulder
(no spaghetti straps), or that reveal cleavage
-apparel, jewelry or anything that promotes gangs
-pants sagging below the waistline and/or showing underwear


ALL Campers MUST wear:

  -closed toe shoes at all times to protect their feet (flip flops are okay at the pool) 
  -a dark t-shirt over swimming suit when walking to and from the pool

  *Due to chilly weather in June, campers are encouraged to wear long pants and bring a jacket!



Packing List


Bible and pen/pencils
Warm sleeping bag, extra blanket, pillow
Soap, washcloth, two towels
Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, etc.
Modest swimsuit, dark T-shirt coverup, swim towel
Sunscreen and insect repellent
Warm clothes for cool mornings and evenings
(jackets, long pants)
Clothes for warm afternoon activities
Plenty of socks and underwear for the week
Athletic shoes and another closed toe pair of shoes
(Sandals are allowed only at the pool)
Plastic bag to store wet clothing/shoes on trip home 
Water bottle clearly marked with your name
Great attitudes, excitement, energy
All you friends!





No electronic devices – game, iPod, etc.
Expensive camera
Illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes
Knives, weapons of any kind
Lighter, matches, fireworks, etc.
Clothing that does not abide by the dress code
Water guns, water balloons, Bad attitudes, bad language
The only reason to bring a cell phone is as a
timepiece or a camera. Any other use is not allowed.
We will not be responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen articles.









Camp Forms



            pdflogo1                                pdflogo1                                    pdflogo1

      Camp Participant                       Packing List/                        Camp Medical Release
      Registration Form                 CODE OF CONDUCT                         Activity Waiver




            pdflogo1                                  pdflogo1                                    pdflogo1

      Leader Information                      Cabin Leader                             Background Check   
       Pastor Endorsment                    Responsibilites                            Permission Form




                                                     For further info contact:
                           Curtis Bye  (208)890-2576 
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