What is VBS?

VBS (Vacation Bible School) shares the message of God's love with all ages through the ABC (Admit, Believe, Confess) approach.  VBS runs one week in the summer offering you and your kids a creative theme based learning enviorment where we participate in hands-on activities that reinforce biblical content.  VBS is also designed to help children share their faith with others.  And at the end of the day they have learned important biblical truths and had a blast doing it!

Why VBS?

Nearly 85 percent of people who make a decision for Christ do so between the ages of 4 and 14.  Our greatest opportunity to lead a person to Jesus happens during the elementary years.  And for many children they begin a relationship with Jesus Christ during Vacation Bible School.  Which means, next to Sunday school, Vacation Bible School is one the most powerful tools the Church has to impact the life of a person for all of eternity. That’s why we believe Vacation Bible School presents Jesus every day. Vacation Bible School will help your kids grow closer to Jesus and discover how to love their world as Jesus did.

VBS 2011

“Son Surf Beach Bash VBS” – July, 2011



When the big blue tent goes up in the front yard at 1765 E. Bergeson Street, Boise, everyone in the community around Trinity Community Church and the church members get excited about the week ahead. It means one thing, starting Monday morning and all week we will experience Vacation Bible School under that tent. Our co-laborers in Christ from Southcrest Baptist Church, Lubbock, Texas came 1,400 miles to help us and we are very thankful for their love and support. Lots of fun, activities, energy, snacks, games, Bible study, and changed lives happen during the week.

     Skit           SkitSurfer

The theme for Vacation Bible School in 2011 was “Son Surf Beach Bash VBS.” So the content and heart of the week had a water and beach emphasis.

  • Day 1 – meetupwithJesus Meet Up with Jesus” - We talked, read the Bible, and discovered that Jesus is God’s Son and when I meet up with Him, I discover how much God loves me.

  • Day 2 – lookuptoJesus“Look Up to Jesus” - We discovered that I can look up to Jesus and ask His help because He is trustworthy.

  • Day 3 – joinupwithJesus“Join Up with Jesus” - We studied about Jesus’ death and resurrection and that it makes it possible for each person to join up with Him and be part of God’s family.

  • Day 4 – openuptoJesus“Open Up to Jesus” - The students learned that when they open up to Jesus about their sin, He forgives them and helps them to make a fresh start. Jesus, also, wants everyone to know and love Him and get fired up about sharing Him with others.

Our mission offering collected each day consisted of coins given and placed in either the girls’ beach hat or the boys’ beach hat. We challenged the kids to bring coins for our missionaries and friends from Venezuela, Isrrael and Nellia Rodriquez, who were with us during the week. At the end of the week we weighed the hats and determined that the girls brought more coins so Isrrael was the brave one who took a pie in the face. We had lots of fun, including Isrrael because the money given by the students and others will be put to good use in their home church in Venezuela.
    L&A             Pie in_face2                                                                               

That is the core of our ministry at Trinity Community Church to let our neighbors, friends, and families know that Jesus loves them and each one can be a part of God’s family. You can look forward to the summer of 2012 and know that we plan to once again share God’s love through Vacation Bible School at 1765 E. Bergeson Street, Boise, Idaho.


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VBS 2012

                 Vacation Bible School 2012 

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   Grand Canyon_1      Great Barrier_Reef        Matterhorn       Northern Lights      Paricutin     Victoria Falls 

Encounter God's awesome power as we fly to some of the world's greatest natural
Along the way kids will hear Bible stories about God's awesome power and learn
how God wants to give us everything we need through His power to His glory!  In this
one-week adventure kids encounter God's asesome power through Bible stories, crafts,
motivating music and games and its all 

July 23-27                          9am til noon                          Ages K-12

                     Register for free.  Download the registration form here.  pdf
               And email your completed registeration form to gailgraves@msn.com





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